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First, the dachshund begins to drag on the paws a little, the main load moves to the front paws when moving. As a result, the shoulder belt and thorax look athletic compared to. Treatment of spinal osteochondrosis is selected ineach case individually. It is one of the stages of development of lumbar osteochondrosis. This is one of the complex pathologies, as a resultWhich the dog atrophy, and then deny hind legs. Therapy depends on the location, symptoms and the stage of the disease. Osteochondrosis and spondylosis of the cervical spine. The intervertebral disc spaces grow thinner, base and cover plates are sclerosed, bony support reactions ( outgrowths) are evident along the edges of the vertebral bodies. If you take the literal translation of the word in English, it means “ pathology of the back. Dorsopathy of the spine ( code ICD- 10) is a complex of diseases affecting not only the spine, but also ligaments, muscles, nerve endings that surround it. For this reason, changes occur both in the intervertebral discs themselves and in the vertebrae themselves and the joints of the cervical region.
Pain in the cervical spine. Sharp pain in the lower back. Since they are not present in the sacral region, therefore, the osteochondrosis of this zone of the spine is very rare. Manual therapy for osteochondrosis of the cervical indications has a variety, most often it is prescribed under the following conditions: Painful sensations in the thoracic spine, which are given to the heart area, with a normal cardiogram. Catching Up With the Latest POZ Personal Updates With Valentine’ s Day around the corner, we continue to make updates to POZ Personals to help you land that perfect date. Treatment of osteochondrosis of cervical department of a backbone For treatment of such disease as osteochondrosis various methods are applied: drugs, physical therapy, massage of a cervical and collar zone for blood supply of a brain and remedial gymnastics, observance further healthy nutrition. Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine is a degenerative- dystrophic lesion ( progressive) of the intervertebral discs in the cervical spine. Osteochondrosis is a disease characterized by a lesion of intervertebral discs. Here they are: subluxations of the cervical vertebrae and spondylolisthesis ( leads to deformation of the spinal canal) ; osteochondrosis ( bone growth beginsto compress the artery) ; ossification affecting the vertebral- occipital membrane; the formation of abnormal blood clots inside arteries; atherosclerosis. Osteochondrosis is a disease at which there are degenerative and dystrophic processes in backbone tissues.
Osteochondrosis poz. This name appeared not so long ago, prior to this often used the well- known word osteochondrosis. Defeat of intervertebral disks, joint surfaces which to them prilezhat, bodies of vertebrae, the copular device develops. That is why experts offer to undergo a full examination. POZ serves the community of people living with and those affected by HIV/ AIDS with news on a wide range of topics.

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